The Local cuisine mixes the flavor of Portuguese cuisine with Indian ingredients. The African influence began with cane sugar plantation and it was also important in this mix. Here in Ubatuba, caiçara people based its food with fish, banana and manioc or corn flour. Because of it, “o Azul Marinho” (cooked fish with green banana) is considered the most typical local food and it is served and many restaurants.

Huummm! Delicious!

Seafood like shrimps, oysters, shellfishes, mussels and squid are easily found in the restaurants in Ubatuba and value the concept of Caiçara culture of  nourish themselves with the best  of the sea.

But, in Ubatuba there is not only local tradition. There are a lot of great restaurants and bars that will certainly delight everyone. You can choose among Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabian and of course delicious Brazilian food.

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