About us:

This Ubatuba Bed and Breakfast was created and designed by Pedro and Elsie, two bilingual diving instructors with a great experience and a genuine passion for all things related to Ubatuba.

Omnimare first started business as a PADI Diving Center in 1990 by Pedro. I t offers diving classes, diving trips, equipment rentals and air reffils. Pedro and Elsie met in Ubatuba and with their love and synergy they started to work together in the tourism business in 1992.  They were always involved in ecotourism activities (preserving this marvelous ecosystem) and engaged in sustainability: forming local dive guides and give local people opportunities to work with tourism. Their small hotel has surged as a necessity to host divers and friends that came to Ubatuba to dive in the beginning. Their house was big for them and they rebuilt it offering a cozy place where divers were welcomed.

With their travelling experience, they decided to improve their business and in the end of 2009 they inaugurated their new Bed and Breakfast in a new building with modern and stylish rooms.

They love to receive people around, make new friends and talk about Ubatuba and the great activities you can do here like: hiking, trekking, horseback riding, bird watching, boat trips, snorkeling, scuba diving, cultural programs or just enjoy the beautiful Ubatuba beaches.

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