Reservation Policy and cancellations:


Our rates have values ​​that vary according to season, room type and number of people staying. Still vary depending on the means by which they were made ​​(directly to our reception, via e-mail or through third parties) and especially with the advance that are performed (there may be discounts for reservations made further in advance). Eventually launched promotions lightning or unusual promotional periods, when publishing the conditions of validity in our website.

Sometimes different values ​​published for stays from Sunday to Thursday in the low season, or for periods interesting to a particular city (municipal holidays).
Special periods, such as on holidays, will be required a minimum number of daily and the price will be different.
The full Rates are always available at our reception and on our website.

The promotions will never be cumulative. We guarantee, however the lowest advertised (provided directly by us, on our website or printed), in compliance with all conditions published. We can not guarantee and does not keep figures published by third parties (including Agreements and Partnerships). These values ​​are guaranteed by these means, under the conditions presented by them, for reservations made ​​by them. The negotiations that may occur by e-mail are personal and not transferable.
Booking Process:
There are two types of hosting:

with walk-in

The accommodation with walk-in are less common. Occur when the client has not made reservations, and therefore is not guaranteed to find the apartment at your disposal on your arrival.


Lodging with the check-in occurs when a reservation was made ​​with security deposit.


The security deposit can be made via Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer or Debit Credit Card. Usually asked to deposit 50% of the total accommodation, with the remaining balance will be parceled up to two months interest free credit card VISA and Mastercard. There may, however more often in promotional installments via credit card, the full amount. We do not accept checks.
To ensure the safe operation of the Reservation Process, the Hotel reserves the right not to make reservations in time very close to the period of stay (days of check-in), when only provide the hosting service by customer presence in the Hotel reception.
Cancellation of
Cancellations must be requested in writing (via e-mail or fax), no cancellation or change being accepted by phone or communication device instant (Messenger or similar).
  The Consumer Protection Code (the Normative Resolution. No. 429 of 04.23.02) guarantees full refund of any amount paid if requested to cancel the reservation within 7 days after confirmation. But out of respect and attention to the needs of our customers, we have a refund policy through Letters of Credit.
The Letter of Credit is a document issued by the lodge, in case of withdrawal or cancellation of booking, valid for one year from the date on which the Inn is announced. Will be issued in Reais, discounting only the cancellation fee of 10% or the daily no-show, if this is relevant (see table below). It is issued to the holder of the reservation, but can be transferred to third parties through existing authorization on the card itself. It will be delivered to the customer by hand or sent by post.

Policy Cancellation and Issuance of Letter of Credit - Terms

(1) Request for cancellation within 07 days after the date of the Reservation Confirmation:

Issuance of Letter of Credit or Return on Total dollars.

(2) Request for cancellation more than 07 days after the date of confirmation of reservation and more than 10 days before check-in:

Issuance of Letter of Credit valid for one year, minus a cancellation fee of 10% of the total amount deposited.


(3) Request for cancellation more than 07 days after the date of confirmation of reservation and at least 10 days prior to check-in:

Retention of a daily or equivalent fraction of the package and issuance of Letter of Credit outstanding balance.

(4) Request for cancellation more than 07 days after the date of confirmation of reservation and at least 5 days prior to check-in:

Retention of 50% of the total booking.


(5) Request for cancellation more than 07 days after the date of confirmation of reservation between 04 days and until the beginning of the packet or daily during the stay or abandonment.

Retention of all amount paid.


(6) No show on date of check in:

Retention of all amount paid.


After Confirmation:


The Inn Omnimare shall, whenever requested, send a Voucher Guarantee Reserve via email or fax, to the holder of the reservation, which contains all the conditions agreed upon: type of apartment, dates of check-in and check-out values paid and payable (if any).


Date of Reservation Confirmation: Date that occurs Deposit Guarantee Reserve (via bank deposit, bank transfer, debit or credit card payment otherwise agreed)

Daily: Period between the hours of check in (14:00) and check-out time (11:30 h) the next day.

No-Show: No attendance by the customer at the hostel within 24 hours the first night without it requests the cancellation of the booking or to communicate with the Inn this term. Occurring no-show reservation will be canceled and the apartment will be released for new reserves.

Check-in: Start time of the first daily - from 14:00 h.

Check-out time: End time of the last daily - until 11:30.

Low-Season: Period from 01/03 and 20/12, except Public Holidays

High Season: Period from 20/12 and 28/02 and National Holidays (e.g. Carnival, May 1, Easter, April 21st, September 7th, Week of October 12th, November 2nd, November 15th, Christmas and New Year).

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