Ubatuba is the ideal place for those looking for an oasis between the two big cities:  São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This is the right place for you to recover your energy, relax or just enjoy nature.

Ubatuba Rainforest is preserved and the beauty of their beaches is among the main reasons to visit the city the whole year. Besides that, Ubatuba has very good restaurants, shops and offers many adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surf, hiking, bird watching and cultural tours.

Ubatuba is green and the visitor will notice that 85% of the city area is preserved. There are outstanding sceneries where the Atlantic Rainforest meets the sea that will enchant the tourists.

We are proud to have the largest original Atlantic Rainforest area preserved in Brazil. Ubatuba beaches have different characteristics and its more than 80 beaches will please someone’s choice.

Local culture is preserved and you still can visit an indian tribe or a quilombo (former slave’s colony) that preserves their own traditions and you can also visit a caiçara community and learn a bit of their way of life and taste delicious food.

Ubatuba also has beautiful colonial portuguese buildings, a museum, an interesting aquarium and a project that helps to protect the sea turtles: Projeto TAMAR.

The local cuisine is rich and has influences of Indians, Portugueses, Spanishes and Italians. You should try the delicious “Heart of Palm” baked that is served as an entree. Fresh sea food, fish, vegetables and tropical fruits are always present on the menu. There are excellent restaurants, bars and discos in town.

For those who love cinema, there is also a good movie theater at mall Porto Itaguá. There are always many events happening the whole year like surf championships, music festivals, gastronomy festivals and diving events.

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